Artist’s Statement:

Several years ago I took a month-long artist’s retreat deep in the woods of British Columbia living in a tent on a mountainside with no electricity or running water.  I intended to focus on photography which had been a passion of mine for at least a decade, but when my camera broke on the first day there I purchased some paints and started painting in earnest.

Initially, I worked exclusively with a palette knife and acrylics on found wood, and while I still prefer the texture wood surfaces and knives afford, I now primarily paint with oil and love experimenting with encaustic/mixed media pieces.

I think a lot about color and composition when I work, although much of the process is intuitive and often serendipitous. I typically begin a painting by moving colors around until an image reveals itself, having no idea at the onset what the final image might be.  Most paintings are the result of building up unrelated layers, and some incorporate haphazard traces of an entirely different image painted underneath.

As was the case with photography, painting reminds me to take time to absorb the natural world, and my hope is that my work somehow reflects bits of beauty I have taken in.

And when I am not painting, I am a high school math teacher.


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